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For almost thirty years, they have developed, manufactured, supplied and supported the application of composite materials into multiple worldwide markets.

L2 Marine is a high load composite bearing material that has been specifically formulated for marine environment applications.

L2 Marine in rudder applications

With virtually zero swell in water and very low thermal expansion coefficients, L2 Marine is ideally suited to the operating conditions and working environment of rudder and pintle bearings which can be either water, oil or grease lubricated and even applicable to dry conditions. L2 Marine was developed to give improved performance, longer life, non-lubricated operation and a maintenance free bearing solution.

  • 高负荷能力and very low swell
  • Low wear characteristics ensure long life
  • Dry, grease, oil or water lubricated
  • EAL兼容
  • 对粒子嵌入和优秀的中心k resistance
  • Shaft friendly
  • Can be freeze fitted
  • Short delivery time – less than one week.

L2 Marine is the only composite material approved to operate as a rudder bearing in wet and dry conditions at bearing pressures up to 10 MPa. Class approvals are held from many of the world’s foremost classification societies.

L2 Marine in sterntube applications

ACM L2船舶经过测试和批准用于船尾轴承应用,并证明在磨损,延长寿命和低轴磨损方面提供卓越的性能,在其他水润滑的轴承材料上。

Being the same specification as that used for rudder bearings, all the key features described above, apply. L2 Marine is a maintenance free solution that is available as finish machined bearings or in billet form for final machining in the shipyard. The excellent bearing performance of L2 Marine coupled with its superior physical characteristics offers shipyards and ship owners many advantages.

Advantages in using L2 Marine for propeller shafts
  • 高负荷能力
  • Approved for wet and dry operation
  • Very low stick – slip
  • 交货时间短(修复48小时)
  • Good elasticity
  • Can be freeze fitted
  • 分类批准
  • 动态摩擦系数(干):0.13
  • Very low swell – Swell in water (volume): < 0.15%
  • Low wear characteristics – long life
  • 免费维护
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Competitive price
  • Environmentally friendly

Experience – more than just Rudders and Sterntubes

ACM has extensive experience supplying L2 Marine bearings for the marine and offshore industry in a wide range of applications including rudder bearings and water lubricated but L2 Marine is equally applicable to steering gear, bearings for anchor handling systems, crane bearings, life boat systems, winches, stern roller bearings, offshore moorings and so on.

ACM L2 Marine is successfully installed and operated on over 7,000 vessels worldwide.


My current water lubricated stern tube bearings are failing, can L2 Marine be fitted in their place?



Yes, most water lubricated bearings require this, to keep bearing temperatures within limits but also to flush any unwanted debris and particulates from the bearing/shaft interface. Remember that this seawater flush should also be filtered to promote bearing life.

I don’t have cryogenic freezing available to me, can I fit L2 Marine in any other way?


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