Prime Blue Water Lubricated Seals

环保的尾轴管密封lution, AEGIR’s Prime Blue is a water lubricated seal that offers a reliable and durable alternative to oil lubricated solutions. Supplied partially split as standard, it can be easily maintained and changed whilst the vessel remains afloat.

Aegir-Marine是一种高质量备件的制造商和供应商。Aegir-Marine PrimeParts®是我们自己的船尾密封,轴承,衬垫,O形圈和更多推进备件。我们的研发部门负责所有工程和发展。


Prime Blue Water Lubricated Seals

Over the years AEGIR-Marine has developed many different types of seal assemblies. Careful engineering by our R&D department has led to spare parts as well as complete seal assemblies suitable for renowned makes like Wärtsilä, B+V Industries and Kemel. By applying modern technology and consistently choosing the best materials our seal assemblies meet the highest degree of quality and reliability.

The water lubricated PRIME Blue



The design of the PRIME Blue type seal is very straightforward. It consists of a rubber lip seal rotating with the shaft. The lip seal rotates against a stationary mating ring made of chrome steel. The seal casing is made of cast bronze. An inflatable seal for emergency and maintenance purposes is installed in the housing. Seal assemblies are supplied with one spare seal, which is installed around the shaft ready for installation. This can be installed by your own engineers.

Competitively priced and certified

Spare parts are price competitive compared to other water-lubricated seals. All PRIME Blue spares are available on short notice. Class approval by most major classification societies is available.


Prime Blue Key features:
  • A complete water lubricated seal assembly
  • Fully split version available on request
  • 可以在没有对接的情况下服务
  • For retrofit purposes, can be supplied with adaptor flanges or in non-standard versions
  • 大多数主要分类社会批准的课程
  • 备件立即可用库存


AEGIR-Marine can supply spares suitable for existing systems or retrofit your existing system using Prime Standard or Prime Standard Secure.

We choose to have all PRIME Parts in stock, so you will never have to wait for weeks. Just call us and we will deliver them immediately. It’s as simple as that.
In case of emergency we guarantee shipment within the hour.

  • 高质量,等于或更好(根据TNO&ERT-TESTS)而不是原始备件
  • 他们的价格
  • their suitability for all major makes
  • TÜV证书,确认我们所有产品都在欧洲生产
  • 他们所有主要阶级社会的课程认证
  • the intensive quality controls
  • their careful packing in specially designed boxes
  • are high quality components manufactured based on a unique Viton-formula
  • 拥有完美的合适,由我们精心设计的模具保证
  • are subjected to several manual checks before shipment
  • are always in stock



No problem, the Prime blue can be serviced afloat in a matter of hours. Just inflate the emergency seal (and for a second barrier use dive assistance to cofferdam the Sterntube) then swap out the seal ring. Note that the spare is carried on the shaft, so no specialist hot bonding equipment required.

Does my forced seawater lubrication to the seal require filtration?

Yes, we recommend 150-micron filtration.

I would like to fit an Aegir Prime Blue seal but don’t want to pull the tail shaft. Is this possible.

Yes. The Prime Blue can be supplied split. That means every component is split and ready to be assembled ‘around the shaft’.



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