AtZ understand the importance of having your vessel at sea and the requirement for ship owners and operators to seek independent vessel maintenance, docking or pre contract technical expertise.



Boroscope Inspections

A multitude of system components and assemblies exist where the opportunity to assess condition or investigate faults can be severely limited without shutdown and removal or disassembly.
In such cases there is often advantage is making use of less invasive surveying and assessment techniques.


Virtually every vessel system will have a variety of control and feedback systems. The most basic systems may only report operating status, but in more sophisticated cases regulation of propulsion systems, navigation and ship stability will have sophisticated automated components which are integral to performance and safety of the vessel.

在中科院es where support of the equipment is no longer available from the manufacturer, or an alternative to the OEM service providers is sought – AtZ can assist.

Rudder Seals

提供任何船舶的关键转向和机动性 - 安装的方向舵或舵手是持续运作的重要组成部分。

围绕舵产生的力与血管的尺寸和速度成比例 - 在大容器的巡航血管的情况下,通过轴承支撑到船舶结构的巨大载荷。给定高负荷,几乎连续旋转在一个方向上或其他 - 良好的润滑是必不可少的



Given criticality of the propellors, they are a key item to be assessed by Classification Society survey – and require regular inspection.

Shaft Alignment

Several different components can make up a complete propulsion line including engines, generators, gearboxes, line shaft, bracket and stern tube support bearings, stabilisers, rudders and thrusters. System performance, life and noise rely heavily on accurate alignment of these component parts. Assuring correct alignment of the equipment is a key part of installation, maintenance and fault finding in managing the propulsion system through its operational lifetime. These are all areas in which AtZ can provide supportive product and services.


The stern tube is at the heart a traditional shaft driven propulsion system. It provides the conduit from inside the vessel and the engine to outside and the driven propeller. It is a tube which provides bearing support and cooling for the rotating shaft, a watertight seal and structural support to transfer loads from the propulsion system into the vessel’s hull.
Containing a number of safety and propulsion critical items – it is a key part of vessel equipment requiring maintenance and periodic survey.

Thruster Steering Stabiliser

Steering systems are in constant use and form a key element of any maintenance and inspection programme – they literally keep the vessel on track. When it comes to ensuring the comfort of passengers or stability of a warship platform – stabilisers maintain minimum vessel movement while making way in heavier seas.
Forming an essential part of ship operation, comfort and safety – these systems are of particular importance during vessel maintenance.

White Metal Bearings

Bearings literally keep the world turning with any two components operating in contact with each other needing them. Vessels are no exception with the majority of ships running a traditional shaft based propulsion system with an oil lubricated stern tube containing white metal bearings.
作为普通而不是滚动元件,或滚珠轴承 - 良好的对准,足够的冷却和润滑是必不可少的,以保持一生的性能。
Being essential to ship operation and safety – white metal bearings are a particular area of interest for Classification Society Surveys.



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